64mm Do Not Sit at this desk / on this chair – Round Stickers




These 64mm (60mm if self-printing) round stickers are excellent additions to the ‘new normal’ office or educational space. They can be stuck to walls, tables and desks to remind people about social distancing regulations.

People should now be working 2 metres or more apart from each other. For offices where desks are not to be used, these stickers can be affixed to chairs and desks to warn staff.

Stickers are printed on white machine coated paper giving a glossy finish.

Supplied on A4 sheets for easy peeling.


Download the Avery J8105 Template and print your own labels by purchasing Avery J8105 Glossy Labels from Amazon

Please ensure you read instructions relating to the affixing of labels to furniture.

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72, 144, 288, 576, 1152, 2304, 3456


Pre-printed Labels, Avery J8105 Template


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